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Farm Woodwork Louis M. Roehl

Farm Woodwork

Louis M. Roehl

Published 1919
136 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This is available in several places as an ebook.From Archive.org:https://archive.org/details/farmwoodw...From Google Books:http://books.google.com/books?id=KpkB...I got it as a PDF, but printed it out for my own use. It has a lot of interesting, pretty simple projects for around the farm like a workbench & jack plus various other helpful items like how to sharpen handsaws.More than that, its a pretty neat glimpse into how much our society has changed in a mere century. This was published in 1919 so references no power tools. Finished stock is made up by hand which led to some interesting measurements. While a lot of stock was 3/4, quite a bit was to be finished at 13/16 which allowed plane marks.I loved the description of the miter box which stated that the student should learn to cut a straight square line before being allowed to make a miter box to help them cut straight more quickly. The author reasoned that if they didnt develop this skill properly, theyd always be stuck carrying a miter box around with them & it is far easier to carry a skill than a piece of equipment. Very true, but not something we see too much of any more unfortunately.