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Myth Makers B.J. Edwards

Myth Makers

B.J. Edwards

Published January 1st 2006
ISBN : 9780977644001
488 pages
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 About the Book 

The giant held an enormous club that was studded with spikes of ice, and was held almost casually at his side. As if this wondrous sight was not marvellous enough, another eleven giants appeared, throwing up great walls of snow that would have smothered the band, were it not for Meddryns swift command to fall back. All twelve of winters children stood ready, their fearsome forms magnificent, but their ancient and grey faces with their white brows, hair and beards passive and kind. Before Vortigurn, there was Ghorthigirn, and before history there was magic. A magic that binds memory and calls the gods and goddesses. The same magic that helped Arthur pull the sword from the stone, helped Eidoel- and that same ageless magic called the future, called a gifted teenager called Michael. Michael would help bring balance to the land, so that heroes could once again roam, and gods once again walk. Myth Makers is a stirring tale of heroes, magic, love and honour - a world where druids, men and gods collide, where heroes and myths are born, and warriors are forged in the heat of battle.