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The First Words of Alakkiin Chad J. Blanchard

The First Words of Alakkiin

Chad J. Blanchard

Kindle Edition
246 pages
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 About the Book 

The Last Words of Alakkiin...In a time when the universe was old, a lone world was born, free from the cosmic struggles of the Amaranthi.Holding domain over these lands were magnificent creatures who called themselves Dragons.But even here upon this isolated world the Dark crept into the hearts of some, and the seeds of tyranny were sown.Wars came to the Children of Dragons, and through them all one man stood as witness to the ages of the world... The First Awakened Son, Alakkiin.Now Alakkiin and the Heroes of the Fourth Age must strive to overcome the ruinous seeds planted long ago and to bring all things of the past unto their final consummation.Together they will pass through the frozen wastes of this dying world to make a final stand against the legions born in the fires of darkness.And in the end, Alakkiin will confront his greatest enemy--a rogue goddess written into existence by the very words of the Numen himself.And in that moment shall be spoken The Last Words of Alakkiin.