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Mixed Emotions James L. Penwell

Mixed Emotions

James L. Penwell

Published October 20th 2004
ISBN : 9781418466657
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 About the Book 

Introduction This book of poems was written for and dedicated to all the women who for a moment allowed me to share a part of their lives and love. It is a short walk through a part of my life that gave me my greatest happiness and deepest sorrow. There are poems about love and laughter, sadness and tears. There are no deep things to ponder, no strange philosophy. Just the feelings in my heart put down on paper. As you walk through the pages of my life, perhaps youll see yourself and say, thats how Ive felt before. Perhaps it will help you see with different eyes someone you love or someone who may love you. There are parts that will make you laugh and parts that will make you cry. Mixed Emotions is full of everything that touched my life from the darkness of being lonely to the joy of being in love. It is my deepest wish that something in this book touches your heart or brings joy to your day. Life is never as simple as life should be but rather full of everyday Mixed Emotions. Thank you, James. L. Penwell